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Eco Wall is fresh brand focused on the Uzbekistan’s market. Eco Wall creates wide range of new types, colors of the liquid wallpaper. We are open to cooperation and ready to implement your wildest ideas.

Liquid wallpapers


Bunch of manufacturers use multicolor fiber waste to white mass to get liquid wallpaper color. It does not create deep color range and texture. Our company works with Italian technology of manufacturing liquid wallpaper and uses cotton raw. We are the first in Uzbekistan, who gets color by dyeing with environmentally friendly paints.

Liquid wallpapers in Tashkent

How to paste?

Before applying liquid wallpaper, you need to prepare surface.
Level and prime the wall.
Whitewash has to be removed with special solution.
Old wallpapers are wiped with water and taken of this spatula.
To remove the paint, use a special wash.
Rust, soot, mold or fungus are removed by soil compositions.
The most important part of the preparation – priming. It should not be ignored, otherwise, it will be difficult to apply liquid wallpaper. After the primer will dry, seal up cracks, small holes, cracks with putty. If you will not use the putty, you have to apply liquid wallpaper twice, which is quite expensive.
The mixture should be mingled extensively. You must use all packages at once, since the surface will have to be covered in one go for color homogeneity of the material. It is recommended to mix it yourself, because the construction mixer defects the structure and appearance of wallpaper. The solution must be applied only with a steel spatula.

Liquid wallpapers in Tashkent

Samples of decoration

You do not need to apply plaster to surface before using such kind of material. Liquid wallpaper will cope with small cracks and holes.


Liquid wallpapers become more and more popular for its quality features that other finishing materials don’t have.

  • Eco-friendly. This type of decorative material is made of natural and safe components. During exploitation, wallpaper does not emit harmful substances, so it is used to finish the kids room.
  • Ease of use. Unlike the paper wallpaper, the liquid wallpaper is not to be held, loosened, and combated with air bubbles. The finishing works do not produce dust and dirt.
  • Wide selection of textures and colors. Wallpapers will harmoniously will fit harmoniously in any style of interior.
  • Reasonable price. Price range of liquid wallpapers is lower than vinyl and fabric wallpaper.
  • Because of the antistatic properties, the liquid wallpaper does not gain dust. The surface is easily removed - it is enough to vacuum.
  • The liquid wallpaper is easy to repair - you have to moisten the damaged area, remove it and apply a new one.
However, the liquid wallpaper has some disadvantages:
  • The stained section of the wallpaper cannot be washed, it needs to be changed, for this reason the finishing material is not used in high humidity rooms;
  • After application the liquid wallpaper dry during 48 hours.

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  • What is liquid wallpaper? - It is finishing material that is used for walls and ceiling.
  • What is made of liquid wallpaper from Ecowall? - Eco Wall’s liquid wallpaper consists of 100% cotton raw material; it is environmentally friendly material and paints that are not harmful to human health.
  • What are the advantages of Eco Wall wallpapers? - In the advantages section of our website, you can find all pros and cons of our liquid wallpapers. Nevertheless a short list of the benefits can be given as follows:
    1. Wallpapers are eco-friendly; they are made of natural and safe components.
    2. Inexpensive – they are cheaper than vinyl and fabric wallpaper.
    3. Easy to apply - simply fill the wizard with a solution and apply it to the surface, contrary to the paper wallpaper, where it is necessary to hold and smooth out carefully.
  • Where I can buy Eco Wall liquid wallpapers in Tashkent? - They are sold at Kuyluk, Jami, Dombrabat, Bektupi.
  • Where can I buy Eco Wall liquid wallpaper in Uzbekistan regions? - You can buy them in Fergana, Andijan, Namangan, Surkhandarya. Tel: +998977032116, +998931012116.